Charlotte’s pickles

Lemon pickles

Some time ago, I had dinner at my daughter’s place. She is a wonderful cook by the way. It was a lovely evening and the food was delicious. I was inspired and one of the next days, I wanted to try to make stuffed baby peppers. I could not remember the ingredients she used for the stuffing so I improvised as I often do. I used couscous and feta cheese and grated lemon peel and some herbs I forgot what they were, but I guess you can use whatever you can find or have at home. I stuffed the peppers with it oven baked the dish until ready, which was about 20 minutes or so, less time than I thought anyway. I had some couscous left that I wanted to use so I looked in the fridge to see if I could find something to mix in it and saw the lemon pickles from my friend Charlotte. She loves to make jam and pickles and she generously let me have some jars of her finest production. In the fridge, I also had a red chicory or radicchio rosso and so here is what I did:
I cut the radicchio in strips and pan-fried it lightly with the lemon pickles, once done I added it to the couscous with the remaining of the feta cheese, fresh lemon juice and a sprinkle of the finest olive oil from Sicily. The result was as delicious as I imagined while preparing it. The lemon pickles not only added flavour but also sweetened the chicory taste.
Since then I have used lemon pickles with success on different dishes.

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